Why College Ticket

Our students get into the best colleges at the lowest cost.

Designed specifically for home schooled student families, our program takes the stress out of the college admissions and financing process. A detailed step-by-step, month by month, college readiness process is the “roadmap for success” for our families. We help you create your unique, customized personal transcript with our easy to use tool. See it here:


Other portfolio tools build your compelling resume’ so you stand out and are admitted to the college of your choice and get financial aid and scholarships.

College Ticket will coordinate and communicate with you monthly throughout your high school process, providing coaching, guidance, tasks and timelines appropriate to your specific grade level, college interest and discipline of study.

Families pay an $18 monthly subscription fee or $189 annual fee or $99 half yearly fee to have complete access to thousands of dollars’ worth of college coaching content, SAT / ACT test prep and organizational tools. Additional family members subscription fee is $9 per month or $99 annual fee or $54 half yearly fee.

*Note: students who are seniors in January of a given year are not able to use the subscription option, but may work directly with our counselors and services for a moderate fee, pending discussions with your area counselor.