Homeschool Transcript Builder

The CollegeTicket transcript builder documents your high school student’s academic progress setting you up for the college admissions process and summer program applications. Our students have earned thousands of dollars and full-ride scholarships to public and private colleges. Whether you’re an experienced homeschooling family or you find yourself suddenly homeschooling as an effect of COVID, the CollegeTicket transcript builder makes documenting your student’s academic progress straightforward.

The CollegeTicket transcript builder captures class information including credits and grades to calculate GPA. Classes can be designated as Honors, AP, and IB allowing calculation of both a weighted and unweighted GPA. You can also enter class descriptions to help college admissions counselors understand the content of your homeschooling classes so they can make better decisions about your student.

The CollegeTicket transcript gives you everything you need to document your student’s academic progress.