College Ticket will coordinate and communicate with you monthly throughout your high school process, providing coaching, guidance, tasks and timelines appropriate to your specific grade level, college interest and discipline of study. We help you stay on track.


We help you create your unique, customized personal transcript with our easy to use tool. This is an important part of creating your personal story that will have the college of your choice offering scholarships, grants and financial aid. See it here:


Reading List

Show the admissions counselor what influences you’ve allowed on your thinking and the range of ideas you’ve engaged with. Our super easy book search let’s you add books in seconds. And upload papers you’ve written so you’re ready when you get the essay question, “Tell us about a book that has influenced your life.”

Course Descriptions

You’ve taken advanced courses that may not be familiar to admissions counselors. Or maybe you’re looking at alternative classes to the standard English, history, math, or AP / IB courses. Use the course descriptions to outline the content for the admissions counselor so they can interpret and verify the grades on your transcript. Without this, you leave them guessing. Don’t leave them guessing.

Activities Resume

You bring unique talent, skills, and experiences to the table. Show the admissions counselor how you will make a positive impact on the student body, and make them want you more than you need them. If you’re gunning for scholarships, you’ll need a strong, well-structured activities resume that differentiates you from your competition!

Cultural & Life-Changing Experiences

The application essay is your first and one of the most important opportunities to differentiate yourself from your competition – the other students applying to the school. You want to have thought through how you will approach this and what your subject matter will be. Take the time to list the experiences that have shaped you long before you get to your senior year, and you’ll have a great starting point for your essay.


Admissions counselors want to know that you’re for real. Nothing says “reality” like working a job in high school. If you’ve worked a job, get this into the employment section and automatically onto your Activities Resume.


Your college application will require a number of recommendations from teachers, counselors, coaches, managers, and mentors. Use the CollegeTicket recommendations engine to ask for recommendations as soon as you’ve reached your goal, contributed to the team, or earned the promotion. You’ll have these when you need them instead fumbling around trying to figure out who to contact about that camp counselor recommendation from 3 years ago.

High School Planning

The college application process is full of deadlines, and missing the deadline by even a few minutes could mean the difference between a full ride and paying full tuition. The CollegeTicket calendar keeps you on top of the deadlines so you don’t miss a thing.

Curriculum Planning
Colleges are in the business of academics, and they’ll give priority consideration to students who have challenged themselves and taken the hardest courses available to them. Use the CollegeTicket Curriculum Planner to work backwards from your senior year to your freshman year to make sure you are taking the right courses and all the necessary prerequisites as you work your way through high school.

Student Planning Guide
Setting yourself up for scholarships and admission to great schools takes some planning. Our Student Planning Guide lets you know what to do when from your freshman year through graduation to make sure you’re positioned just right!

College Application

College Shortlist
You’ll choose colleges to look at based on all sorts of different reasons. Maybe it’s your parents’ alma mater. Maybe your friends older brother says the school is fun. Maybe you love the football team or they have a great dance program. Keep all your reasons straight with CollegeTicket’s College Shortlist. Know why you put a school on the list, and have all that information at your finger tips when it’s time to make decisions.

Campus Visits
Start visiting colleges your sophomore year and tracking what you love and, well, don’t like so much about each school. Great dorms! Awful cafeteria food. A beautiful rural campus, or a downtown campus in the middle of everything. Why do you like it? Get all your thoughts into the Campus Visits so that you can evaluate them apples to apples and not just be enamored with the last college you visited.

College Applications
Where are you applying? When is the application due? What are the requirements for the application? Each college is a little bit different. Don’t get caught up missing a deadline. Get them all into your College Applications section and they’ll show up on your Calendar so you don’t miss a thing.

You’ll want to write, review, get feedback, and revise your college and scholarship application essays. You’ll need to stick to specified word counts and subject matter. Don’t rely on saving a file on your hard drive and risk losing or overwriting the file. CollegeTicket will keep all this organized for you in the Essay section.

Studies show that you will get your best score on your 3rd attempt of the SAT or ACT. CollegeTicket will automatically schedule three takes for you and get them on your calendar so you don’t forget.

SAT and ACT Prep
High SAT or ACT scores open up the scholarship floodgates. Without them, you aren’t even in the running. The College Options Foundation SAT and ACT prep materials will get you up to speed and ready to earn your best scores!

This award-winning and proven effective interactive program takes the guesswork out of the college process – with a special emphasis on Scholarships; taking you by the hand and providing critical information as well as hundreds of researched web links enabling you to focus on getting into and paying for the college of your choice. Don’t make any college-related decisions until you use this program! Will Save You Thousands of Dollars!

A detailed, month-by-month planning guide for all college-bound high school students. Takes Out The Guesswork!

View a sample page from the Student Planning Guide

Athletic Recruitment

This dynamic book will open your eyes and help you navigate the daunting world of college athletics. If you think you have what it takes to be a college athlete- in any sport – you must read this book!

This book was written to address the needs of thousands of high school student athletes at every level – all the way from the scholarship-bound high school All-Americans to those who simply hope to compete in their sports in college.

The good news is that by following our advice, guidelines and suggestions, student-athletes can maximize their options through the college recruiting process. We’ll give you the background counseling to get you started in your high school program; we’ll show you a view inside the athletic recruiting process from the coach’s perspective; we’ll guide you in how you can market yourself to the world of post-secondary athletics; and we’ll let you hear about the entire process from accomplished coaches in their own words.

SAT/ACT Test Preparation

Peer-to-Peer eBooks with embedded videos featuring practice questions and diagnostic tests for SAT and ACT. The ONLY study guide in the nation featuring proven successful students showing you how to get it right. Cutting Edge!

“Our program is also designed to boost your confidence in taking college entrance exams by providing:

  • vital information about the nature and construction of the ACT and about test registration;
  • tips for mastering the art of taking standardized tests in general and the ACT specifically;
  • formal instruction and tips for tackling test prep and taking the exam;
  • help for increasing your reading vocabulary through our use of college level writing and the inclusion of unfamiliar words throughout the content of the Guide;
  • the student perspective on issues related to college entrance testing;
  • a fun way—in video game format—to review material and practice test-taking skills; and
  • a brief list of other resources to aid you in preparing for the ACT.”

The Complete Guide to College Financing and Admissions is the library by lessons and topics that provides everything you need to achieve Total College Success.