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Total College Success

Getting into great schools with scholarships isn’t rocket science. You just need a little coaching to help you understand the process. College Options Foundation and CollegeTicket have partnered to bring you Total College Success! Total College Success gives you all the tools you need to get you on your way. Create your compelling portfolio, understand the deadlines, SAT and ACT prep, understanding financial aid, and how to earn scholarships – it’s all there at your fingertips! We will show you how to:

  • Organize and prepare for the college admissions process
  • Save you thousands of dollars in college costs
  • Save you hundreds of hours in preparation and eliminate the worry associated with college-bound process
  • Significantly increase SAT and ACT scores
  • Guaranteed

Included in CollegeTicket


Make yourself stand out to admissions officers by providing a complete view of who you are, what you’ve accomplished and how you fit in at their school.

Organizational Tools

CollegeTicket’s organizational tools help keep you on track Never miss a date for the SAT, ACT, or college application deadlines.


Find out what it takes to earn the big scholarships and how the financial aid process works. Private schools can cost less than publics. Academic, needs-based, and NCAA.

SAT & ACT Prep

Like it or not, test scores are a huge component of the scholarship process. We provide the test prep and planning tools to help you earn the scores you need.


When my wife and I went into the college preparation “jungle” for my oldest daughter, I felt overwhelmed and shell shocked at how the process has changed since I attended college. With the help from Andy and the College Ticket program, we were able to walk down the path with guidance and much less stress than I imagined. What I like most about the program was how it did not just connect dots, but it actually helped us prepare a story to tell about our daughter. I believe this helped in our daughter getting into her top college choice with a 4 year scholarship paying for ½ of her tuition.
Marc Henn, CFP®, President, Harvest Financial Advisors

My daughter earned admission to an honors program on the strength of her reading list.
Marilyn C, Homeschooling Parent
Applying to college as a student can be a bit daunting, but add the fact you are a home school student is especially difficult. Not to mention all the work home school parents need to do to complete their child's portfolio. I believe using College ticket made the entire process so much easier. Andy you are the best!! Thank you for all the work you have put into your website. Also take advantage of Andy's lectures. The lectures are funny and informative.
Jennifer B, Parent

The college planning process is challenging and stressful for families and students. College Ticket is an excellent resource for helping homeschool families through this process. I highly recommend it!"
Tammy Treft, Executive Director, Providence Extension Program

We attended the College Ticket college application meeting at PEP at the end of August, where you told the students what to expect in their next hundred days of high intensity college application process, laying out a timeline of deadlines. Personally I was relieved we had decided not to do all that in such a pressured manner, but that meeting seemed to light a fire under Rachel and she suddenly thought, "Yes! I'm going to do this!" And she did!
Ruth Henn., Parent Providence Extension Program

College Ticket provided for my son and I a roadmap on how to approach the college prep, application and selection process. The tools provided within CollegeTicket helped us stay on top of key dates, organize high school materials, and put together a high school resume. CollegeTicket took away much of the anxiety of the college application process. THANK YOU!
Cindy Williams., Board Member Mars Hill Academy and Parent of a Mars Hill Academy Student
The College Success/College Options DVDs taught me extremely valuable information on scholarships, financial aid, student planning and College Success.
Student, WA

The College Ticket website, mobile app and monthly emails sent both to me and my children provide excellent age and stage tips and reminders and are being improved continually. The kids and I can track their progress and store important documentation on the website so it isn't lost. The CollegeTicket team is very responsive which makes their service truly personalized. I am thankful and blessed to have found this excellent service for my family.
Erik & Kristy Leaseburg, Fort Worth, 5 Homeschooled Children

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